Volume 5(2) Autumn 2012


Gijs Dekkers

Research Articles

 A Microsimulation Approach to an Optimal Swedish Income Tax
Peter Ericson  and Lennart Flood

Accrued Pension Rights in Belgium: Micro-Simulation of Reforms
Alain Jousten, Sergio Perelman, Fabio Sigismondi and Ekaterina Tarantchenko

Linking a Microsimulation Model to a Dynamic CGE Model: Climate Change Mitigation Policies and Income Distribution in Australia
Hielke Buddelmeyer, Nicolas Hérault, Guyonne Kalb and Mark van Zijll de Jong

On weights in dynamic-ageing microsimulation models
Gijs Dekkers and Richard Cumpston


MIKMOD-ESt: A Static Microsimulation Model of Personal Income Taxation in Germany
Judith Flory and Sven Stöwhase

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