Volume 6(3) Winter 2013

Gijs Dekkers


Taxation of Married Couples in Germany and the UK: One-Earner Couples Make the Difference
Stefan Bach, Peter Haan and Richard Ochmann

A new equilibrium simulation procedure with discrete choice models
Ugo Colombino

Testing the Statistical Significance of Microsimulation Results: A Plea
Tim Goedemé, Karel Van den Bosch, Lina Salanauskaite and Gerlinde Verbist

The COMPARE Microsimulation Model and the U.S. Affordable Care Act
Amado Cordova, Federico Girosi, Sarah Nowak, Christine Eibner and Kenneth Finegold


Fiscal Inclusive Development: Micro Simulation Models For Latin America
Carlos Urzùa (Ed.), by Marjan Maes

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