Volume 9(1) Spring 2016


CGE Microsimulation in Developing Countries
GUEST EDITORS: John Cockburn, Hélène Maisonnave and Luca Tiberti

Guest Editorial

Macro-Micro Analytics: A Guide to Combining Computable General Equilibrium and Microsimulation modelling frameworks
Matteo Richiardi, John Cockburn, Hélène Maisonnave and Luca Tiberti


Fiscal Space and Public Spending on Children in Burkina Faso
John Cockburn, Hélène Maisonnave, Véronique Robichaud and Luca Tiberti

Export Taxes, World Prices, and Poverty in Argentina: A Dynamic CGE-Microsimulation Analysis
Martín Cicowiez, Javier Alejo, Luciano Di Gresia, Sergio Olivieri and Ana Pacheco

Cash Transfer Policies, Taxation and the Fall in Inequality in Brazil An Integrated Microsimulation-CGE Analysis
Samir Cury, Euclides Pedrozo and Allexandro Mori Coelho

Public Investment In Irrigation And Training,Growth And Poverty Reduction In Ethiopia
Lulit Beyene and Ermias Engida

Impact of Trade Liberalization on Poverty in Ethiopia: A Computable General Equilibrium Microsimulation
Sindu Kebede, Belay Fekadu, Dejene Aredo

Assessing the Impacts of a Major Tax Reform: a CGE-microsimulation analysis for Uruguay
Cecilia Llambi, Silvia Laens, and Marcelo Perera


Linking Microsimulation and CGE models
Andreas Peichl

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