Volume 9(3) Winter 2016

Matteo Richiardi

5th World Congress of the International Microsimulation Association - Part II

Evaluating The Quality Of Gross Incomes In SILC: Compare Them With Fiscal Data And Re-calibrate Them Using EUROMOD
Dieter Vandelannoote, André Decoster, Toon Vanheukelom, Gerlinde Verbist

The Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Survey: A New Underlying Database for EUROMOD
Sarah Kuypers, Francesco Figari, Gerlinde Verbist

Constructing a Synthetic City for Estimating Spatially Disaggregated Heat Demand
M. Esteban Munoz H., Ivan Dochev, Hannes Seller, Irene Peters

Regular Articles

Logit Scaling: A General Method for Alignment in Microsimulation models
Peter Stephensen

NCDMod: A Microsimulation Model Projecting Chronic Disease and Risk Factors for Australian Adults
Sharyn Lymer, Deborah Schofield, Crystal M Y Lee, Stephen Colagiuri

Building a Microsimulation Model of Heroin Use Careers in Australia
Alison Ritter, Nagesh Shukla, Marian Shanahan, Phuong Van Hoang, Vu Lam Cao, Pascal Perez, Michael Farrell

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